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2005 GMC C7500 Forestry Bucket Truck

  • 2005
  • Gas
  • Manual
  • Orange
  • Mileage 100
  • 8.1L
Price: $33.900

Available now are five (5) 2005 GMC C7500’s equipped with Altec LRV55 aerial lifts. These units are outfitted with forestry packages including an 11 foot (15 cubic yard) chip box, cross-body toolboxes, cab guard, integrated strobe light system, Kubota pony engine, and a pintle hitch. They have 8.1L gas engines and 6-speed manual transmissions. These trucks are all southern trucks; many of which are native Florida trucks with no rust. Upon receiving a bucket truck, a qualified Altec aerial lift inspector is brought in to perform a safety inspection on the aerial lift. The trucks are offered for sale one of three ways: wholesale, retail, or completely reconditioned. All levels of purchase include the major repairs performed to the aerial lift and the truck’s chassis and drive line to ensure its safe operation. Pricing is as follows:

Wholesale: base price (5-7 day lead time)

Retail: base price +$5,000.00 (30-45 day lead time)

Completely Reconditioned including all new paint: base price +$12,000.00 (60-75 day lead time)

For the consumer seeking to purchase and put a truck to work quickly, wholesale is the best option. At the retail level, the full, comprehensive series of repairs and service work is performed to the truck’s chassis and drive line, and to the aerial lift. All hose covers, safety decals, control decals, bucket liner, and bucket cover are in place. The interior is restored to like-new condition including the installation of new seats, and any major cosmetic imperfections such as bent or damaged toolbox doors, broken or bent expanded metal on the cab guard, or any other necessary body repairs necessary to restore the safety and functionality are performed accordingly. Lastly, completely reconditioning the truck including all new paint entails all of the mentioned works performed, plus new paint throughout. The inside of the cab, underside of the hood, and the inside of the toolbox doors are painted to match the exterior, and the inside of the chip box is relined with an epoxy based material to withstand the abrasion from chips. All three levels will receive an operators manual and a parts/maintenance manual for the aerial lift (OSHA/ANSI requirement). Available for purchase also are outrigger pads, wheel chocks, saw scabbards (hand saw and pole saw), and also hydraulic tools (pole saws).

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